All you need to know about MBSLanka terms of use

The Mbslanka Services enable customers to receive payments in connection with their commercial and freelancer activity subject to certain eligibility requirements, approvals, limits and availability, which may depend on line of business, applicable anti-money laundering regulations, MBSLanka risk management policies or procedures and other factors used by us to determine such eligibility, limits and availability from time to time at our sole discretion. MBSLanka does not service transactions relating to the following Restricted Lines of Business*:

Any criminal or illegal act – e.g. Illegal narcotics, child pornography, human trafficking, terrorist financing, stolen goods, illegal wildlife trade

Adult Services
Adult massage or other adult entertainment services
Adult pictures, videos, games that include pornographic or obscene content
Adult text chat, video chat or online streaming
Dating Services
Mail order bride, escorting services, prostitution

Non-Business Use
Non-profit organizations
Person to Person (peer to peer) payments or businesses allowing only person to person payments
Personal use such as gifts, loans or payments from friends and family